What you’re feeling right now has a name…

And it’s on the strange spectrum between surviving and thriving.

For the past 14 months (???), it seems we’ve all transformed into Victorian gentry — learning Romance languages, taking long walks, writing letters, staring wistfully out the window, growing out our armpit hair…

But, even if you haven’t started referring to the kitchen as the “Solarium,” The New York Times suggests you may be experiencing another Austen-esque phenomenon:

It’s called “languish”

No, it’s not an 18th-century blood disease it’s — as organizational psychologist Adam Grant puts it — “the neglected middle child of mental health.” Languishing exists on the spectrum between depression and joy; the liminal space between surviving and thriving; a slow dulling of motivation and focus.

By now, you’ve probably adjusted to working from home, you have a semi-regular zoom “catch-up” with at least one friend group, and some things have started to eek back to normal. You might even be vaccinated. Yet, somehow, as we wait for the fog to lift, we’re not as excited as we thought we’d be.

In fact, the prospect of things “going back to normal” sounds kind of… exhausting. And while “naming the thing” is the first step in battling languish…

Psychologists think they’ve found the cure

It’s doing improv on Speechless Plus!! Kidding, kiiiidding.

Kind of… what Grant does suggest to fend off languish is finding your flow — that coveted state of effortless engagement.

And, the easiest path to flow? A “just-manageable” challenge. Think: a puzzle game on your phone, a quick yoga sequence, or, I don’t know, an improv exercise on your laptop

The Point: You’re not the only one feeling like this. And, if you need to harness some neurological momentum and your afternoon stroll isn’t cuttin’ it, improv can be a hyper-effective tool to beat the brain doldrums.

Speechless is an organization that uses Improv Thinking to help people be themselves and be heard. Visit https://www.speechlessinc.com/ for more info.

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