Speechless’ Top Tips For Video Calls

If you’re like us, you and your team are sheltering in place — and while you may not be able to experience the warmth of human touch, you can conference call from bed until your laptop sears vent marks into your groin. Here are a few quick tips to make the most of your virtual workspace!

Prepare Your Tech Setup

Make sure you’re in a quiet room with a good internet connection. Then present an offering to the wifi gods to ensure that your video runs smoothly. We recommend something that is meaningful to you, like a favorite snack or child.

Mind The Technology Gap

Be sensitive to teammates who are new to video chatting. Speak loudly and slowly so they can understand you.
Pro Tip: DO NOT make direct eye contact. This may spook them.

Own The Room

Maintain an upward angle on your webcam at ALL TIMES. You might not be a giant in real life — but no one needs to know that…

Be Original

Skip the tired small talk. Whisper “ZOOM ZOOM” at the top of every meeting to announce your presence.

Flip The Script!

Lure your coworker into a false sense of security: Join the call with your video ON, then immediately turn it OFF, leaving them to stare at their own dumb face for 30 minutes.

There’s Power In Authenticity

We’re not just working from home. We’re working through a global crisis. On your next virtual 1–1, don’t be afraid to shriek for 30 minutes straight.
Pro Tip: Be intentional. Schedule weekly “Share n’ Shrieks” to check-in and wail with teammates.

*April Fool’s



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