Hitting the virtual work wall? You might just need a little ambiance

ASMR libraries on Youtube, silent study halls on Clubhouse, and working zoom call with friends are some of the things people are using to keep on keepin’ on.

Will I ever be motivated to do work again? What is “time?” What is “management?” If you’re hitting a focus wall working from home lately, you probably know you’re not alone — but, let’s be honest, knowing that doesn’t make it any easier.

But you know what might? Changing up your environment. How do you do that in a pandemic? You get creative. Here are four things people at the end of their work-wits are using to hold themselves accountable/tethered to reality:

1. ASMR rooms on Youtube

The New York Times describes these ambiance videos as relaxing soundscapes paired with animated scenery to make viewers feel immersed in specific spaces.” Whether that’s a crackling fire in a cozy cabin, rain on a window in a victorian study, or the gentle bustle of an airy coffee shop. Some of these rooms even stream live, so you can feel like you’re actually somewhere with people.

2. Accountability work sessions on Clubhouse

Clubhouse moderators like @hyla host silent or “productivity beat” backed co-working rooms and conversations geared towards those who struggle with ADHD, or just need a little nudge to get things done. Follow their account and hop on one of the many daily work sessions!

3. Working zoom calls with friends

No Clubhouse? No problem. A low-tech fix is a regular-old zoom hang with buds where everyone works on their respective projects, like a good-old-fashioned college study group. You can do this at any level of engagement: cameras on, cameras off, muted, un-muted — just be sure to keep the group size to 4 people or less to keep distractions and cross-talk manageable.

4. Shakeout breaks on Speechless+

Of course, who would we be if we didn’t plug at least one improv tip… our video platform Speechless+ offers quick, 5-minute exercises to shake out between heads-down sessions, or to get in the “zone” before tackling a challenging problem. One S+ member shared that they use S+ “as break time if you implement Pomodoro or similar techniques.”

The Point: We’re all going through “it.” Luckily, there’s strength in numbers :)

Speechless is an organization that uses Improv Thinking to help people be themselves and be heard. Visit https://www.speechlessinc.com/ for more info.

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