Plus 78 impromptu speech topics to help you practice.

Faced with burnout and the prospect of putting on a dress shirt, professionals are quitting in droves. What’s a manager to do?

Having a designated “meeting emcee” can help.

3 tips for kicking off hard conversations.

How do we allow ourselves to stay present with tough feedback without shutting down or being reactive? We focus on the specifics.

Want your audience to love you? First, you have to know these 3 things.

Here’s how to figure out how you “sound.”

Mr. T(one)

Don’t panic, poet.

Warm up even the coldest of (zoom) rooms.

The 1st rule of audience engagement: tell the audience how to support you

Speechless Inc.

Speechless is an organization that uses Improv Thinking to help people be themselves and be heard. Visit for more info.

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